Monday, March 29, 2010

Best of Hakodate food part 2

On our last evening in Hakodate we went to Kira, one of our fave restaurants. The course there is one of the best in Hakodate, I think... and the price is very reasonable. In Europe I would pay 3-4 times more for such an excellent course and atmosphere.
dish 1... Yuba with king-crab topping, plum-juice and a special tea.
followed by an excellent pate with pickles and herbs.
dish 3 was king-crab dumpling soup with fresh bamboo.
dish 4 was a course with excellent sashimi...
dish 5 potatoe-dumpling filled with shrimp and shiitake.
and dish 6 was lemon-sorbet for refreshment...
here comes the main-dish... a BIG king-crab leg baked with cream, egg and sauce... it's one of the best king-crab dishes in the whole world !!!
and here comes dish 8 a delicious fruit pudding...

When I come back to Hakodate someday I definetelly will eat there again !!!


  1. Thank you so much :)
    I wished I could post the taste of it as well somehow ^_~