Monday, March 15, 2010

Murasaki-shimeji cooking

After so many wonderful farewell-parties with our great friends and the biggest and most delicious Kegani, I have ever eaten, we felt so stuffed, that we decided to cook mushroom-soup this Sunday.
This is one of my fave soup with mushrooms and I always wanted to share it with you. 

I once wrote in my blog about Murasaki-shimeji (lepista nuda).
and here is, how you cook the soup...
at first, you take duck-filets (or chicken) and boil it for a good fond (dashi), about at least 45 minutes.
Then take the duck or chicken out.
Put in the murasaki-shimeji and some consome... best is the "Delikatess-Bruehe" from Knorr, but any other one will do.
Let the mushrooms and consome boil a little and then add some chinese noodles...
Voila, this is how it looks like.
Murasaki-shimeji have a very strong, perfume-like flavour, so they really taste best with chicken or duck-soup.
And... you have another meal later... if you put the cooked duck in the stove or grill until it's golden and crispy, you can eat another dish... the trick is... when you cook duck before, you won't only have a delicious soup, but the duck (or chicken) will stay juicy inside, when you grill it.

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