Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mikaeri waterfalls in Saga

These photos are actually about a month old, but I never had the chance to upload them...
This is Mikaeri waterfall in Saga and it's really a beautiful spot. Nearby is an Onsen and we took a bath there after our walk.

And on our way back, near Raizan we found a lot of "Akebi". Those are fruits of a vine, which climbs the trees.
The fruit is outside very bitter, but the pulp with the seeds is very sweet.
If you fry the mantle of the fruit, the bitterness goes away. Anyway, we were very lucky...
due to weather conditions there were only a few Akebi in other places, but here we found so many.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mushroom hunt in Karatsu

Last weekend we went to Karatsu area and picked a lot of mushrooms.
On the left, there are Suillus luteus and on the right Suillus bovinus.
Suillus luteus fir perfectly with Misoshiru (miso soup), while Suillus bovinus make very good cold pickles. They turn violet, if you boil them and they also tase delicious with "Ikura" (Salmon eggs) and a little soysauce.

Here, I cooked some japanese/european tapas with them.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photos from my cooking-class

Thanks to the EU Association in Fukuoka I was able to give my first German cooking class this weekend at Shokubunka Cooking studio
There were about 20 students with 10 of them I cooked German food (Potato salad,
potato soup and Jägerschnitzel with cream sauce)
and 10 of them learned to cook Spain cuisine from their spanish teacher Maribell.
Unfortunatelly I forgot my camera, but Yoko-san, one of the students, was so kind to lend me the pictures she took.
Yoko-san, arigatou :)

Here you see the Schnitzel and potato salad... we had great fun preparing everything and the people from the EU Association did a great job, organizing everything.

Here is the Spanish food, which was delicious, too.

Hope to do this again someday :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Muu-chan speaking ...

Here are some videos with Muu speaking German... ;)
"Na kommste raus...oops!"
"Dann kommste rein!"
"Naacht, gute Nacht"