Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exhibition Marathon Part 2

One day after Makurazaki we flew directly to Tokyo, to see the exhibition of "Salon Blanc".
The art there was breathtaking again. So many paintings, sculptures and diffetent art-styles and techniques.

It's always a joy to see so many different works and it was wonderful to meet all my artistic friends there again.

The time was too short to see all of the works, but I got a catalogue and so I'm able to have a better look later.

Here is my butterfly painting. I simply wanted to paint something "light" and carefree after the rather rough year we had over here.

Later we went drinking with our good old friends... it was so great to see everybody again.

Thank you everybody for the wonderful day we had at Shinagawa !!! I hope to see you again in 2012 !!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Exhibition Marathon Part 1

O.k finally an update of all the exciting events we had in the last week. I can not post everything, because it was soooooo much, but before I get too far behind, I will try to give a short overview.
One week ago, my father and I took the train to Makurazaki again, where we saw the grand finale of Kinuko-san's and our exhibition "Wind from Europe".
Here you see the "Tengu nose" an impressive rock in the southern part of Kyushu... I already saw it last year, but forgot to take a picture. 

After we arrived I met Els, one of the artists from Holland. She is a nice person and I was happy that she could come to Japan and see the exhibition, too.

This is "Kaimondake". An impressive volcano near Makurazaki. I always wanted to see it, but I was never lucky, because of the weather. But I was lucky this time.
I would love to hike it once together with Kinuko-san.

And here you see the famous rock "Tategami" of Makurazaki. There are many legends in this place. One says it is the god, which protects the port and city... another one is about two gods fought each other and in the fight the gods of Tategami spit fire and so the shape of the rock is like a flame and got it's red color.

Here is Els and me infront of Kaimondake. 

This is "Akebi" or "Uba" as it's called in the native slang of the people in Makurazaki. When it's ripe it will turn purple. The flesh of the fruit is bitter, but part in which the seeds are is very sweet. I always wanted to find them in nature, but I was never lucky, because I did not know exactly how the plant looks like, but I found some growing right beside the museum.

Later we came back to the museum and did a little Hindelopen workshop organized by Kinuko-san and her daughter.

Everybody got this sample and we needed colored it.

This is my picture. I did not paint for 8 weeks or so, so it was really so refreshing to do it again.

My Dad went at it, too. It was his first try with acrylics and he liked it very much. I hope he will start painting again someday !!!

Later, the great festival/party started.
Here you see my Dad, Kinuko-san and the major of Makurazaki.
Once again CONGRATULATION, Kinuko-san, for 20 years of your beautiful art !!!!!

Later, after everybody held there speeches, various artists performed different kinds of modern and classical music.

It was a great event and I would like to thank everybody for their kindness and for the wonderful time we had. I hope I can visit beautiful Makurazaki next year again !!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Exhibition in Tokyo

Sept.14-19 is the annual exhibition of "Salon Blanc" in Tokyo. I'm already excited and I will be there on Sunday (Sept.18). 
For further inforamtion, please check:

Here is my painting for the show. Done with acrylics and airbrush on board. Size is 70x100cm.
Original available...

In the meantime, please let me apologize, that I did not do a lot of updates here lately. I was so busy with the exhibitions and other things and I still do my best to catch up with e-mails and letters inbetween. After November, things will hopefully get calmer again.
I did not even touch a brush in the last 4 weeks and I miss painting so much :(((
Well, anyway, looking forward to Makurazaki and Tokyo again ^____^