Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Foxes and Magnolia

Here is some new artwork from me.
This time 2 foxes and Magnolia. 

Done with polychromos pens, watercolor, airbrush and oils on paper.
Size is A4

**** Original available ****

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cat and Sasanqua

Still very busy with some new and old projects and other things to do. It is kind of funny and exciting, how stories, ideas and other stuff has been burried within me for such a long time, but now literally flows out of me, mixing up with my "me" and life experience in these days. Sometimes it makes my poor head dizzy, but it's also great fun.

Here is now some new art-work from me. It took me longer to finish than usual, because I worked on other things as well... and the waterbased oils I used there also took some time to dry, before I could paint the next layer. 

Well, here it is, Done with polychromos pens, waterbased oils, watercolor and airbrush on paper.
Size is 36x25cm

*** Original availabe ***

Friday, February 2, 2018

Owl and Cherry blossom

After a lot of writing and drawing some gritty stuff for my personal project, I felt it's time to continue with a rather calm painting, I started a while ago and today I finished it. ^_^

Done with polychromos pens, fineliner, ink, airbrush and waterbased Oilcolor on paper. Size is A4

**** SOLD ****

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Fox and cherry blossom

ere is my first painting for 2018. Again a Fox, this time with Sakura. Done with Polycromos, watercolor, pens, waterbased Oils and airbrush on paper. It was my first experience using waterbased Oilcolor and I'm amazed, that it reall feels like regular oils. I just bought Titanum White so far, but I think I'll get myself a whole set on my next birthday ^^ **** SOLD ****