Friday, July 31, 2009

Exhibition in the USA

I'm so excited !!! From the 1st of August til 5th of September I will take part in a group-exhibition in the "809 Gallery of art" in LaGrange, Georgia, USA. The title of the exhibition is "20 nations, 20 artists, 20 works" and my art/painting will represent Japan there !!!
I can't go there personally, but I will recieve some photos and feedback about it.

In the meantime I'm preparing to ship my other painting for the exhibition in Germany to Tokyo.

Monday, July 27, 2009

100 Years Onuma Park

This weekened we had the "100 years Onuma festival" here.

Onuma national park is ver y beautiful. It's a big lake beside the Volcano "Komagatake". That lake was generated due to an explosion of the volcano some 100 years ago. In that lake there are many different small isles, connected through bridges and people can take walks from isle to isle.

I painted the view several times... also last week, because someday I plan to make an exhibition about paintings featuring the landscape of south Hokkaido and Hakodate.

Done with acrylics, watercolor and airbrush (format B4)

Original available

Thursday, July 23, 2009

watercolor experiment

I was experimenting with watercolor on thin calligraphy-paper today.

It's quite a challenge and I still need to figure out some things or two, working with that material, but it was great fun.

Here you can see the result of my first try.

Original available (Format B4)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Umi no hi

We had a great "Umi no hi" (day of the sea) over here. We were not at the sea though, but on another mushroom-hunt, picking a lot of Tamagotake and Koganeakayamadori (Golden Boletus) at Tetsu-san. The weather was great and the kids enjoyed it.

I don't think I will paint much this week, because I'm so busy cleaning (before Summerholidays will start) and I also will ship my painting for the exhibition in Germany to Tokyo soon.

Since there is "Umi no hi" I decided to upload a painting of the sea here today, I did early this year. Done with acrylics, watercolor and airbrush on paper (format is B4). Original available

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mushroom hunt

Today it was rainy, so we could not go fishing. We spontaneously decided to go to the mountains instead and found golden Boletus and Amanita Caesarea (Tamagotake). This year Amanita caesarea comes very early, so we almost missed the season. I hope we can pick some more in the following weeks.

I forgot my camera, so I will upload a painting of "Amanita Caesarea" here, I did for my upcoming mushroom-exhibition at the science-festival of Hakodate.

Painted with acrylics, watercolor and airbrush on paper...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thinking about my mom...

After a great day at the sea, fishing Mebaru with my famliy, I decided to upload one of the paintings I did in January this year. It was exhibitied in the Tokyo metropolitan museum of art in April 2009. And I also dedicated it to my Mom, who died on 4.4.2009

She was the one, who encouraged me to go on with my art, who bought me my very first set of Oil colors and who supported me in all those years, when I struggled with my studies and my artwork... Done with acrylics and airbrush on board (Format is DIN-A 1)


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy week

After cleaning the house, I work now on another big painting for the exhibition of "Salon du Blanc" in Germany. I'm painting another bamboo-grove for this. Here is a painting of Bamboo, I did this April/Mai.
Done with acrylics, watercolor and airbrush on paper. Format is B4 as usual...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hakodate nightview

Today I finished my first painting of "Hakodate nightview", which is famous all over Japan. I love to go to Hakodate mountain and watch the lights of the city.
I painted this with acrylics, watercolor and airbrush on paper (format B4)
Original available

Monday, July 13, 2009

my weekend

Just went fishing this weekend with my family at Osatsube, a small fishing-village near Esan.
At the beginning we had no luck at all, but later on we caught several Mebaru and Aburako. It was great fun and also the kids enjoyed it very much.
So tonight we will grill our catch with salt and have some Sake.

Today, after I cleaned the house, I'm working on my art again.

Just finished a painting with a Rose from our garden on Sunday and right now I'm working on a Hakodate "nightview" painting. It will be tough, but I will try ^^
Here is the Rose painting. Done with acrylics, watercolor and airbrush on paper. Format B4
Original available