Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rain-season and Typhoon

Sorry, for not updating so long... rainseason has already started here and I felt a little bit tired and worn out. I'm also still working on my huge painting (110x70cm) for my solo-show in October, so I did not do much other artwork lately. But I hope this will change soon.
This night and morning a typhoon struck Kyushu. But it's already getting better...
I just heard it was already downgraded to a tropical low-pressure system. So there is just so much rain, rain, rain... here. There was not much we could do today, because it rains non-stop, so we went to our fave family-restaurant "Gusto" and had some brunch. ^^

I will spend the rest of the day painting and catching up on my snail-mail.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Golden week, food and fun ^^

In Golden week, we drove to Nagoya to see my family in law. A lot of Western people still have the impression, that Japanese food is just "Sushi". But every area here has it's own very unique food and flavours. Here you see fried Oysters from Hiroshima, we had on our way.

And here is one of the specialities from Nagoya: Misonikomi.
Nagoya is a famous for red-miso/Aka miso. It tastes very strong almost a little bit like German brown-bread and gives the soup a very good and deep taste. 

And here you see "Yokoi" Pasta or "Mirakan", as it's called in the famous Yokoi pasta restaurant down-town. The sauce is also made with red miso and the taste is spicy and hot, but you can become easily addicted to it.

Oh and here is what Yumi and Yuki prepared for us for dinner at the evening. My mother in law has a very huge kitchen and they enjoyed cooking together with her.

This is Tai-sashimi... it's a special fish, which is often prepared, when there is a special event to celebrate. In this case it was the 70st birthday of my father in law.


It was a wonderful time we had. Now school and work are back to normal again and I will fling myself into more painting.

One last shot of Muu-chan, who traveled with us and enjoyed it as well. ^___^