Friday, January 28, 2011

Group-exhibition in the USA - Announcement

From Feb 26 until March 26 I will take part in the group-exhibition "Asian Art: Tradition and Innovation" in the "809 Gallery of art" in LaGrange, Georgia.
I'm so excited and happy, that my wonderful friend and fellow artist Chris Hagebak, who owns the gallery, gave me the chance to take part in an exhibition again.

He did a wonderful job matting and framing my paintings, which will be for sale there:

Unfortunatelly it's too far away for me to travel there, but I'm already looking forward to hear all the news about the opening.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our weekend and 150 Jahre japanisch-deutsche Freundschaft

Well first of all, I want to say, that today is the 150 years anniversary of Japanese/German friendship.
Bought some anniversary stamps today and will keep them for my children.

And now, onto our weekend:
Since we all felt very tired and worn-out and the weather is still too cold to find Fukunoto or Morels, we decided to rest, Tsuyoshi did some work and later we went to our fave Thai-restaurant "Jammin Kah"

I took some pics of the course...'s really delicious, because you can really taste the fresh herbs and spices used in there.


One day later we drove up to Iwara yama, just to check how the weather is there. There was a lot of snow there and we could not drive further, but we stopped and the children could play a little bit in the snow.

In the late afternoon, we took a walk on the beach. It was sunny and there was no wind, so we decided to catch us some sun.

Here, you see the islands across... we always get in a good mood taking a walk here, seeing this beautiful panorama ^^

Some signs of Spring near our appartement...

...but it's still freezing cold. Especially, when we have no sun and strong and icy winds...

Oh and this is "made in Ito-shima" ^^ We had it in the evening with some German bread and salad.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


After a long break I'm finally back to painting again. This is my first painting in 2011. It's the pinegrove of Nijinomatsubara (虹ノ松原) in Karatsu (唐津).
Done with acrylics, airbrush, watercolor and pens on paper. Size is about B4, original is available.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back in Japan

Today, after we tried to get rid of our jet-lag, we decided to drive to Karatsu again. The weather was perfect... no wind, blue sky and I wanted to greet the new year at Kagami-shrine up at Kagami-yama (鏡神社・鏡山).

Afterwards, we went on a little walk on the mountain. It felt almost like Spring... we even saw the first Narcissus there.

...and we had a breathtaking view over Karatsu and all those adorable islands.

We waved the shrine good-bye and...

went to Tatekami-iwa (立神岩), which means "standing god rock".

And we went to Yobuko (呼子), which is famous for "Ika" (Squid), which was very delicious !!!

Here you see the big bridge of Yobuko...

And some other beautiful islands ^_^
In Spring we plan to stay here for a couple of days and explore more...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy new year

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody !!!
We had a great time celebrating with sparkling wine, Racelette and other delicious stuff... I really need to go back on my diet, when we come home ^^"
But first of all, let me tell you about another great restaurant, we try to visit every year. It's Italian, in the center of my hometown Hofheim-Wallau and it's called "Da Nico"
They have a lot of delicious Italian food... not only pasta and pizza. I really like that you can also have meats and fish prepared Italian-style.

Here is my fave... Gorgonzola Schnitzel. The service there is great and it's very children friendly. They have also a nice variety of draft-beers and good wine and grappa.  

Yesterday, the battery of my father's car killed itself, but at least it was friendly enough to stop working at a gas station, just 1km from our house. It could have been worse... I hope it can be fixed today, so hopefully we will do another sightseeing tour, before we go home to Fukuoka.