Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cherry Blossom 12

Here is a painting I finished this week... done with acrylics, watercolor, airbrush and pen on paper. Size is A-3, original available.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kanoudake fotos

Somehow my camera is working again and I can upload the pictures of our hiking tour ^_^
Here you see Yumi and Yuki playing at a waterfall. The hike we did here, was the best so far, because we walked along a beautiful creek and there was always a cool breeze from the water. It was not so steep either and we saw many butterflies and dragonflies on the way.
On the top is an acnient shrine Kanoujinja 叶神社, where we rested. Yuki was not feeling well, so she slept a little bit in the shrine and recovered.
...and here you see Fukuoka...
Afterwards, we went to a park, where the kids enjoyed waterplay, but my camera stopped working, so I could not take any pictures there :(  

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hiking at Kanoudake

Today we went hinking at Kanoudake... the weather was great and found one of the most beautiful trails here so far yet. Unfortunatelly, my camera broke >_< but I will upload the pictures hopefully later.
After our hike, Yuki felt sick and we had to return home... looks like she caught too much sun in the last days. Now she is watching Pokemon with Yumi and has recovered a little bit.
Since I can not upload any fotos here right now, I'll put a painting here, I did back in 2008.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Umi no hi

On Monday there was "Umi no hi", which means "Day of the Sea" and since it was hot, we went swimming in the evening at our "private beach" ^_^
The kids enjoyed it and now we can go every day, because they have finally holidays.
Back home, we could see a beautiful sunset...
unfortunatelly, my camera hardly capured the beauty of it... the colors were much more vibrant...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally Summer...


Today we went to Takaso-yama  and Takaso-shrine. One of the oldest shrines in Japan... the atmosphere was peaceful and I stopped for a small prayer to thank the gods, that I can be here.
Then we climbed Takaso-yama and saw a "shiroonitake family",
Lots of Leccinum hortonii,
and a single Tamagotake ^_^...
The climb was tough and it was over 30C, but we made it,
having a great view over Itohshima and Kaya-san... I want to paint this with a sunset-atmosphere someday.
On out way back we discovered a great Indian restaurant called "Sapuna". The food was delicious and we want to go there again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


finished this today... done with acrylics, watercolor, pen and airbrush on paper... size is B4. The original will be available at my upcoming exhibition in Kobe this September.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tamagotake... finally :D

On Sunday, we continued out search for Tamagotake (Amanita hemiphaba/Amanita Caesarea) and went to Aburayama. In Hokkaido we always found them under fir trees, but in Fukuoka, there are no fir-trees at all... this was the tricky part of it.
And here you see the poisenous Shiroonitake (Amanita Castanopsidis), translated Shiroonitake means "White devil mushroom" and yes, it's poisenous...
After searching and searching we asked some very nice people in the nature center and they told us, where we could find Tamagotake... so we tried our luck and YES, FINALLY, I we found one:
Beautiful, isn't it... ?!? On out way back, to Fukuoka, there were two more:
already hatched out of the egg...
...and this is what we had for dinner... a BIG crab... it costed less than 10 Euro, was fresh and totally Yummy !!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

more shrooms

The girls have to learn for their final tests on Monday, so we could not do so much... but look what we found in the pine grove near our appartement: Boletus Castaneus (Hasen-Roehrling)...
and the very poisenous and deadly Tengutake (amanita Pantharina or Pantherpilz in German)... no Tamagotake so far, but since there are a lot mushrooms of the amanita family growing, it SHOULD grow soon, too.

Oh and here you see our little fungus experiment at our balcony *lol*
They literally popped up in just one morning and withered in the evening... Dictyophora indusiata or Kinugassatake... *lol*
maybe we will go for another shroom excursion tomorrow ^_^

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Another painting of mountians... done with acrylics, watercolor and airbrush on paper. Size is B4, original available.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mushroom hunt at Itoshima

After sleeping very long today, we decided to go mushroom hunting. At first, we ate at a delicious ramen-shop called "Kirin Ramen".
Then we went to Ito-shima and tried our luck in a bamboo grove.
Actually, we were looking for Tamagotake, but it still seems a little bit too early for them. Instead, we found Lepista sordida, Komurasakishimeji in Japanese. A delicious mushroom with a similar taste like Lepista Nuda.
And here you see Dictyphora indusiata... called Kinugasatake in Japanese and Schleierdame in German, very rare in Germany, but here you can find them in almost every bamboo grove in the rain season... in China it's called Bamboo mushroom. 
And you better don't try those, if you want to stay healthy and alive... those are called Kibotake, or Entoloma murraii and they are poisenous !!!
Tomorrow we will probably try another place to look for Hatsutake and other mushrooms.