Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still busy...

The last days have been busy for me again and the next surely will... One room is ready, empty and all stuff is packed. the other ones still look like a mess. And today I will renew my driving license... I have no car at the moment, so I need to walk for shopping, which is o.k and I don't really mind the walk, but it costs some more time... the next big supermarket is 1km away.
Fortunatelly I don't have to go outside today (exept for the driving license), because it's snowing again. So I will fling myself into packing and hopefully finish everything on the second floor and maybe start packing some stuff in the kitchen as well. *whew*

So everyone, whom I owe an e-mail, mail, phonecall or reply, please be patient... >_<

here is another old work... did this in the beginning of 2008 inspired by the akamatsudori here in Hakodate, a big alley with red pinetrees. They look especially beautiful in Winter, when it just has snowed.


  1. Sehr schönes Bild ist das, die Mondnacht-stimmung toll eingefangen. Ich wünsch dir viel Glück für den Umzug und schreib mir auch ja bald deine neue Adresse, okay? :) :) :)

  2. Danke ^_^
    Ich muss mir echt mal die Zeit nehmen, die ganzen verschiedenen Formen der Baeume hier malen. Ich liebe diese Kiefern total.

    Und klar kriegst Du meine neue Adresse.