Thursday, April 1, 2010

A new life begins... here we are in Fukuoka... our appartement is much smaller than the house we had before, but I like it. It's cozy and I already feel very much at home here. Like Hakodate, Fukuoka has a lot of delicious foods to offer. Redshine, when you read this... you MUST try Hakata Ramen someday !!! ^o^
Here you see a breakfast menue in a Family Restaurant. It's together with "all you can drink" (juices, coffee or tea) and costs less than 4 Euro. It's open 24 hours a day, so we can get up early, eat there and disappear to the mountains on the weekends.
When we arrived, my parents in law came to help us... they are so great and I'm so happy and proud that I have the best parents in law in the whole world ^_^
On my birthday, we went to an izakaya at Tenjin, where we had some delicious foods. I especially loved the fried squid with asparagus and chilli...
... AND the Sake !!! Actually, I prefer beer or wine, but the sake here in Fukuoka tastes soooo good, I can become addicted to it.
A look at Tenjin.
And here you see the Itoh-campus, where Tsuyoshi will work. I was overwhelmed by the size of the campus !!! WOW !!! The biggest and most modern one I ever saw. Here you see just a very tiny part of it.



  1. did u go to canal city? i crave hakata ramen!

  2. Yes, I was there once, but I haven't eaten Ramen there yet.
    Hakata Ramen are delicious... I tried several restaurants here so far and all were delicious.