Friday, December 20, 2013

Some news before the end of the year

Well, before the year ends, I want to update my blog a little. This year was filled with a lot of events, especially in the last 3 months. As you can see I gave an interview for the Fukuoka Bi-ki newspaper about German X-mas and X-mas traditions.
Beside that I finally did some painting again:
And I did 3 illustrations for a book featuring horror, love and crime-stories written by
Constantin Dupien and illustrated by Melanie Stoll and me:
You can purchase the book here (German language only):
and for more info please check the author's page on facebook
and the official trailer:
Here are the 3 illustrations I did, featuring



and Love
Currently, I'm working on another illustration project and I also hope to work more with my graphic tablet again in 2014.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Photos from the exhibition

Here are finally some photos from the exhibition. It was a great show.
Thanks everybody for coming !!!! 

Right now I'm working on several illustrations. One book I did 3 illustrations for, will be published very soon and I will announce details in a few days :) 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Group show in Fukuoka

From the 19. Nov until the 24. Nov I will have a Group Show in the Tokunaga Gallery in Fukuoka.
I will be at the Gallery from 11 a.m until 3 p.m every day.
Looking forward to see all my friends there. 
Here are the paintings, which will be hanging at the show:
All of them are available.

"Himawari" (Sunflowers)

"Behind the wall"

Friday, October 18, 2013

Creepy exhibition in the 809 Gallery of art

Dear friends,
I just want to announce the "Creepy Exhibition" here.
I feel so excited and honored, that I can exhibit in the 809 Gallery of my wonderful friend Chris Hagebak again.
It is a pity, that I can not come personally to see this Show, but at least, 2 of my works could travel there. 

Here you see my 2 works I submitted for this group-show.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Photos from the exhibition

Here are finally some photos from the exhibition in Tokyo.
The show was great again and it was wonderful to meet a lot of old friends and make new friends there.
Here, you see the entries of the German group, the "Walauer Fachwerk".
I'm a member since 1992 and I feel honored that I can be there and represent them a little on the Shows in Japan.

The painting with the carps is my painting. 

Here are the paintings of the European artists I introduced to "Salon Blanc" back in 2011.
It is wonderful to see, that the seeds I planted grew such wonderful artistic roots with the big help and efford of everybody.

Here is me, Standing beside my carp "Koi" painting. The other pic is the painting of my artist collegue Erika Fiedler, who managed to fly to Tokyo from Germany and who exhibits in Japan since 20 years.  
Here is the chair of the Japanese association, Shirao-sensei.
The exhibition was wonderful and we had such a great time. Now I'm looking forward to the upcoming group-exhibitions in USA and Fukuoka this fall.
And hopefully to a lot of new Events and projects :D

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exhibition in Tokyo Sept. 24-29

This Autumn is going to be exciting for me, with several projects and exhibitions, but I could not announce much so far.
 Well, here is Event No 1, the Autumn exhibition of "Salon Blanc" in Tokyo from the 24th - 29st of September. I will be there on the 27th-28th and of course I will post photos later.

Unfortunatelly I can stay just very briefly this time, because the kids have school and are in the middle of the Semester. I will try to stay longer next Spring.
I also will announce some more details of to more upcoming groupshows and other things soon.
So please stay tuned ^_^  
**** SOLD ****

Monday, July 15, 2013

Yuzuri at Nanayama

Today was a public holiday here (umi no hi/ day of the sea) and since it was terribly hot (about 36C), we decided to drive to Nanayama (7 mountains), a mountain area with a lot of farms, rivers and nature.

The pics I post here are from 2010, because I forgot to take pictures this time...

But I want to show you the places we visited today and they haven't really changed at all.

But what has changed to our big surprise was a new restaurant, opened in June here, near the river, where the kids use to play.
It is called "Yuzuri" ゆずり (柚里) and the food there is excellent !!!
The cook uses fresh vegetables and fish from that area and also mixes Japanese and Western cuisin. The menue was really one of the best I ever ate and I want to go there again.

The Yuzuri is located in such a beautiful spot. We will visit there again :)
Oh and the whole menue was 1800 Yen, less than 15 Euros.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Kurumabasso ice cream in Hakodate

Finally, after about 4 years the woodruff ice cream is available in Hakodate...
The story was, when I moved there, I found woodruff in the forest. In Germany, woodruff flavour is used for ice-cream, winecocktail (Maibowle) and other things.
Back then I used to make that winecocktail for our friends at the Miraidai Univesity and they loved it very much. The reason is, in Japan people use the same aroma, which is in woodruff (Cumarine) for Sakuramochi. The difference is. The Cumarine in Sakuramochi comes from fermented Cherry leaves. The process is quite complicated, but with woodruff, it only takes 5 minutes, if you let it wilt a little bit in your hands.
So back then we thought, why not introduce it to people in Hakodate?
My friend Prof. Noyuri Mima, from the Miraidaigakku and me got together and talked about this. I showed them what woodruff is, where it grows and how to make icecream, Cocktail, etc out of it.
Here is the whole story, but unfortunatelly in Japanese only...
That's how it started...
And thanks to the wonderful team of Mima-sensei and people of Hakodate, here is the finished product.
And I'm proud that it is out on the market.
Feeling a little bit like Carl Raymon now ^_^  

And lucky me, in Fukuoka grows woodruff, too ^_^

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Biwa and Ajisai

Rainseason took a little break this weekend. It was sunny, but not too hot and we could finally do something outdoors again. Yesterday we went to check our mushroom-spots, but no luck... so we went to one of our fave Ramen restaurants "Nagahama Shogun".


After eating Ramen, we went to one of the beaches in Iroha. It's an area in Saga county, which has one of the most beautiful sceneries, I have ever seen. I love the beaches there, the green islands and the emerald green see... there are many farms and vegetables and fish are so delicious there.

This little fellow lives on an island there together with a whole crab colony...

and here is a view over some of the islands. It is always difficult to take "the whole picture" of this adorable scenery... so I try to post little fragments of it.

And here is Ajisai... the typical flower of the rainseason in Japan.

That little trip really made my day today... :)