Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best of Hakodate food part 1

I'm already in Fukuoka... and I have plenty to tell all of you, but before I do so, I want to share some pics of our farewell-food we had... Here you see king-crab with tomato/garlic sauce at Hakodate beer-hall.
Followed by king-crab with cream in puff pastry.
Then we had delicious seafood salad in Hakodate beer.
and "last, but not least" the Hakodate Shio-Ramen are a must...
The next day we went to a restaurant named "Kira", which is one of the best in Hakodate.
I will write about the fantastic course we had there, soon. 


  1. war es auch... ^o^ Wuerde Dir gern was davon rueberschicken...

  2. nja.. aber bis das hier ist... *seufz* *lach+
    Das ist schon gemein. ^^


    aber vielleicht schaff ich es ja mal in ein paar Jahrzehnten nach Japan zu kommen. ^^