Sunday, March 21, 2010

Michi no eki at Esan

Today we went to an Onsen at Esan. After so much packing and stress in the past days it felt good to relax a little bit in the hot spa there. Afterwards we went to our fave restaurant at Esan.
You can find it at Natowa michi no eki.
they have the best Hokke menu and all you see here costs just about 12 Euro and tastes like in a gourmet restaurant... I must always laugh, when I hear those weird stories about "expensive Japan"... I want to ask you, what do you get in Germany for 12 Euro? In most cases a plain "Wiener Schnitzel"...
Well, personally I prefer this delicious Japanese menu here, together with a beautiful view on the shore.

Later, we decided to visit a good old friend of ours, Horie-sensei.
He and his wife live at Esan and both lived in Germany for a long time. He was Professor for German language and is a fantastic painter, too.
We talked the whole afternoon about mushrooms, plants, painting and had so much fun. We will miss them so much , but I hope we can stay in touch by writing letters.

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