Friday, March 12, 2010

...and more Sakura

Here are some Sakura no Hana pics from 2005. Today is such a rainy and dark day. I woke up with a headache and I still don't feel well.
Looking through old pictures and photos cheered me up a little and I would like to share some cherry-blossom pics with you.
This is at Komagatake in Mori
and this wonderful old tree is at Goryokaku-park in Hakodate.
This was at my first Hanami in Japan and I was totally overwhelmed !!! I really pity those people, who just stay "cool and untouched"  watching this and the whole atmosphere of Hanami. They miss so much in life... nature has so many beautiful things to offer, but for some it is more easy to laugh about others, who enjoy this and other things in life, than doing something positive themselves.
I am looking forward to see the Hanami in Fukuoka soon ^______^ and I will take a lot of pictures and do a lot of sketches... can't wait !!!!

Oh, and I'm looking forward to this evening. The kids and I will watch "Police Academy 2" together. It's so much fun to watch some movies together, which I liked as a kid... ^_^

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