Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter in Fukuoka

I'm often asked "How is Fukuoka in Winter?" Well, when you look at this, you hardly think of X-mas or Winter, although this pic was taken last weekend.

but, it can get quite cold, as you see here... this was 2 weeks ago at Aburayama and it also snowed down in Fukuoka.

and yes, even it's hard to catch the X-mas mood, because of green trees, palm trees and Sasanqua blossom, we DO have awesome X-mas illumination downtown.

and the even better thing is, it's also still mushroom season.
This is Pleurotus ostreatus, Oystermushroom.

and here this was actually my very first find of Catathelasma.
In Germany, it's called "Hartpilz" or "Wurzelmöhrling". It can be white, but there is also an orange color type of this species.
Already too old to eat, but I will pick it next year.

Oh and while we went downtown Tenjin, we discovered a new and delicious restaurant.
It's specialized on Salmon, smoked with Bamboo coal.
The restaurant is quite new, the personnel friendly, excellent service and the food is totally delicious !!!
It's called "Bambù Salmone"
Please check out the homepage for further info:

We will go there again ^___^

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to art again :D

Some of you wondered, what has happened to my art...
don't worry, I don't intend to stop, I just was so busy this Summer and Autumn, but now I'm back.
I just finished a comission for a wonderful friend.
A portrait of a lion 60x60 cm, Acrylics on thick paper...
Was my first Lion and it was so much fun to do it.
If you want to comission me, please contact me:
After X-mas I will also work on a piece for the Spring Exhibition in the "Tokyo metropolitan museum", so stay tuned ^^