Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kuju mountains 2

Here is another painting of Kuju mountains, I just finished recently.
Done with acrylics, watercolor, pen and airbrush on paper.
Size is about 23x33 cm.
Original available.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Climbing Hikosan

During Golden week, we hiked at the highest mountain of Fukuoka, Hiko-san.
At first we took the monorail-car and already had a beautiful view over the other mountains.

Here you see the old Shirne near the entrance to the hiking-trail.
Due to an old Shinto legend, the child of Amaterasu, the sun-goddess,
descended as an eagle from heaven on this mountain.

The first 500 meters where quite tough, but after this, the remaining 1,5km where not so diffucult anymore.


An ancient stairway, which was used for pilgrims made it easy to hike.
Normally we mostly hike on narrow trails.

Anyway, the view was breathtaking and I also love to hike there once again in Autumn to see the different colors of the leaves.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dontaku Matsuri

Yesterday, we went to the Dontaku Matsuri, one of the biggest festivals in Japan.
The word Dontaku comes actually from the Dutch word "Zondag", which means "Sunday".

There are a lot of colorful parades with people wearing fancy costumes.
Everybody can take part and the atmosphere is really great.

Here, you see the Mascot of "Fukuya", which is a famous Mentaiko shop here.

Before the parade ended, we went to "Cotton fields" a great beer restaurant.

They have beer from all over the world...

... and the best spear-ribs.

After the parade, the festival is split up in several locations all over the city and people continue to sing and to dance. We had so much fun and I want to go there again next year.