Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The lone tree

Finished this in my painting group a while ago...
Done with acrylics and airbrush on canvas board.
Size is about 22x27 cm
Original available 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mushroom art

Because of special demand, here is my mushroom art, I did back in 2009 for the "Science festival" in Hakodate. Maybe I will expand that series of paintings someday. All originals are availabe.

Always beware, when you pick mushrooms. Make sure you really KNOW them.
Some of the mushrooms are edible, but some can wipe out a whole family.
Amanita muscaria

Suillus grevillei

Amanita hemibapha

Lepista nuda

Leccinum Scabrum 

Helvella crispa

Lactarius laeticolorus

Morchella conica

Coprinus comatus

Armillariella mella

Gyromitra esculenta

Amanita Verna

Boletus subvelutipes

and here are the press releases of the show and event at the science cafe back then.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Karatsu and mountains...

This weekend, we did a lot of hiking. Rainseason is coming and soon it will be too hot and humid for that. On Saturday, we hiked the whole Nijinomatsubara beach at Karatsu... the beach is 5km long and it took us 2 hours to walk the 10 km total forth and back...

Later we had a delicious course at our fave place, the Nijinomatsubara Hotel...
The course was 1800 Yen ( about 20 Euros) and totally delicious, as always... I think I would pay 3 times more for the same arrangement and quality if I went to Europe.

Here is the kid's plate (10 Euro)

One day later we drove up in the mountains and picked some wild strawberries (Hebi-ichigo) and Rasberries for making jam...

and I could not resists, picking some Udo (Aralia cordata) for Tenpura...

After a few kilometers, I also got a bunch of woodruff for my Maywine :D
The funny thing is, normally woodruff does not grow here and I only found it in 3 spots in Kyushu so far... all of them are well known hiking spots and a lot of hobby hikers recently come here... so maybe one of them brought the seeds accidentally on his backpack or boots... I just realized, when we hiked down, the seeds sticked to my clothes and boots as well... anyway, thanks to the hikers, I have my Maywine here, too :D