Saturday, December 12, 2009

X-mas in Hakodate

Yesterday we went to the X-mas market here and I always love it so much. The atmosphere is unique and it's not so crowded like the markets in Germany, but really as beautiful.

When you walk home in the evening and the streets are empty, you have the beautiful decoration all for yourself and feel like it's already the December 24st.

We come there every year to enjoy it...and have some delicious food, of course.

At first, we went to an Izakaya at the habor. They always have wonderful and fresh sea-food, together with Hefeweizen, Altbier and Ale. The local brewery won many international awards and the beer tastes great!!!
In the end we always go to our fave Italian/French restaurant, Brasserie Carillon, where the Chef cooks the best Carpaccio and Tapas, I have ever eaten. His Kani-pasta is also best !!!

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