Monday, December 21, 2009

Mullet Roe Pasta

Whenever my husband goes to Taiwan, he buys "Karasumi" (Mullet Roe) there. The taste and quality are outstanding and the price is very cheap. We normally eat Karasumi (Mullet Roe) as a delicious snack with beer or a good wine or Sake, but this time, I thought I try some pasta with it, too.

Here are all the ingrediences I used... Crab-meat, sour-cream, Champignon-mushrooms, Ruccola, Nutmeg, pepper, Salt, pine-seeds and pistazias and, of course Karasumi.
Here is the result and I really was surprised, how good it tasted
(it was my first try, so I was a little nervous ^^" )

In Italy Karasumi is also a speciality, known as "Bottarga di Muggine" and people eat it with pasta.

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