Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our travel to Germany, Day one

Every year we spend X-mas and New year in Germany with my family. So I want to share our journey with everybody here.
When we flew from Hakodate to Tokyo this year we were lucky to see such a beautiful view of Fuji-san. I'm always overwhelmed by the view of this amazing mountain. Somday I want to go hiking there.
After a loooong flight we arrived at my Dads house and had a German dinner with bread, roll, cheese and saussages... and beer, of course...
The kids are always looking forward to this...
Here is one of my favorites... self-made "Schweinemett".
My Dad always prepares it, when we arrive. It is minced raw pork meat with onion, oil, salt, pepper and nutmeg and it tastes like Negitoro. In Japan, people can't imagine to eat raw pork meat at all, but in Germany it's safe and tastes really wonderful.
Because of the jet-lag we were so tired, that we fell asleep instantly after the meal.

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