Monday, August 2, 2010

Triennale in Makurazaki

From the 31rd of July til 1st of August, we went to the triennale in Makurazaki. A famous art-contest all over Japan. My wonderful friend Toshiko-san was there, too and it was great to see her again.

She will organize an exhibition with all European entries, from this year in the same museum in September 2011, so since my painting was not selected for the contest, I'm still gald I will have the chance to exhibit it in 2011.
The reason, why I was invited anyway was, to be there on behalf of the European entry submitted by the wonderful artist Helene de Ridder from Belgium. Please check out her art here:
Unfortunatelly she could not be there, so I tried to represent her and the other European artist as good as possible.

Here, you see the winner of the grand price: Wataru Mimura (三村 亘). He is from Fukuoka, too and it was an honor to meet him and his mother. Omedetou gozaimasu.

Another great group of artists were "twelve's"... I spoke with Hasegawa-san, a member of this group and I hope we can keep in touch. They did a group exhibition in Tenmonkan Gallery in Kagoshima and I keep my fingers crossed that it was a big success !!!

The evening was great... we were abe to see an awesome Taiko performing... and we made a guide-tour through the brewery there.

People from the jury, participants and others had to hold a speech...

and then it was also my turn... I was so nervous, because I had to speak so suddenly,

but I think it went well and evrybody was happy ^^"



  1. Huhu vom anderen Ende der Welt *winke* :D

    Da hast du dir den Urlaub ja wirklich verdient nach so viel Aufregung :D
    So frei sprechen könnte ich NIE, und dann noch so plötzlich... und auch noch über Mikrofon! Respekt! :)
    Dir noch einen schönen Urlaub *knuddel*
    So, und nun geh ich den Kirschbaum im Mondlicht bestaunen :D

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hi Kerstin... DANKE ^^
    Ja, ich war ziemlich nervoes, obwohl... mittlerweile habe ich mich daran gewoehnt, vor so vielen Leuten zu sprechen. In Japan ist "eine Rede halten" was ganz normales, aehnlich wie Karaoke. Anfangs bin ich immer fast gestorben und auch diesmal war es schwer, weil ich fast alle Leute nicht kannte, aber es ist ganz gut gelaufen und mittlerweile habe ich nicht mehr ganz so grosse Panik :D