Sunday, August 8, 2010

Makurazaki part 2

On the 1st of August, we were invited to the opening-ceremony in the Nanmeikan Museum.
The staff was so kind and friendly, they served us delicious specialities from the Makurazaki area and it was great to talk with everybody there.
Here in that room, the ceremony was held... many people came and everybody was excited.
Here you see the mayor of Makurazaki, giving the first prize to Mimura-san.
Later it was my turn to get the certificate for the European entry of Helene de Ridder.
Once again, CONGRATULATIONS Helene !!!
After all certificates and prizes were handed over to the artists, the exhibition was opened.
After saying goodbye to Toshiko-san and everybody in the museum we left, but I will be back in September 2011 in the Nanmeikan Museum, where the European entries will have a special exhibition.
Looking forward to meet the European artists, Toshiko-san and everybody there again...


  1. thank you for sharing your notes and pictures from the Makurazaki exhibition.
    hope to meet you next year.
    Rita Trefois

  2. And thank you for your nice comment!
    Looking very much forward to see you, too.