Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kagoshima part 2

The next day we visited the Kagoshima Aquarium, where we enjoyed the Dolphin-show.
The Aquarium was very impressive and Yumi and Yuki enjoyed watching all the fishs there.
Later, we took the ferry to Sakurajima, an peninsula with a massive volcano on it.
The Vulcano is still active and you see it's black ashes everywere. They even have an additional weatherforecast, which tells where ash-rain and ash-clouds are expected the next day. But because of the ashes, the vegetables and fruits on that island are especially huge and delicious.
Here, you see a shrine-gate, which was covered with lava and ashes during an outbreak 60 years ago...
And here you see the landscape arround it... just pines there and it will take about 100 years to grow back to normal.
After the kids fell asleep, we went downtown again and discovered a wonderful bar, called "Beer Reise". "Reise" is German and it means "journey". So we decided to have a look and really had a great time there. The draft beer came from all over the world and tasted great !!!
To my surprise I tried a VERY GOOD beer from Oregon U.S.A, called "Rogue".
So please, if you have the chance to visit Kagoshima and you are looking for a nice and cozy bar/pub, you should definetelly visit the "Beer Reise".

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