Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mt. Aso

Our next goal was Mt.Aso. We stayed in a classical Ryokan and after all those exciting events, it felt good to relax.
No TV, no internet, but lots of different Onsen (hot-spa) there for relaxation ^___^
The food was delicious, too. We could grill all kind of meat and vegetables at the table.
But since kids are impatient, they got their own kid's menue ^_^
Here, you see the view from our Ryokan. We were about 800m over sealevel, so it was very cool and refreshing there and it looked a little bit like the alps.
This photo was taken up on Mt.Aso... unfortunatelly I could not make good photos, because there was a lot of fog and we also were not able to see the crater of the volcano there.
But we liked it so much, we definetelly want to go there agian.
Down there, you see cows... it really looked like the Alps. I know the nature of Hokkaido, but I NEVER expected to find a similar place down here in the south as well.

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