Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Penne a la Moni

It's still very hot here and looking at the pines, the sea and the beach outside I always feel like on one of our mediterranian camping-vacations back in the 80s. One of my fave dishes on those trips were my Mom's "penne". She always cooked at the tent and the ingrediences and possibilities were limited.
Due to the climate over here, I wanted to cook them by myself.
The recipe is quite simple... you need some pancetta or bacon and eggs. You fry and mix both and add some salt, garlic, pepper and nutmeg. Then you add already cooked penne and fry everything, til the penne are getting a little bit brown and crispy.
The trick, my mom did, was frying some bread-crumbs in an additional pan and when they are brown and crispy you toss them over the penne, egg and bacon and mix everything.
Brought back a lot of great childhood memories, made me a little bit sad and melancholic, but it also made me very happy, that my kids loved the "Penne a la Moni" and told me I should cook it again soon.
And look, what a fantastic sunset we had today ^____^

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