Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mushroom hunt at Itoshima

After sleeping very long today, we decided to go mushroom hunting. At first, we ate at a delicious ramen-shop called "Kirin Ramen".
Then we went to Ito-shima and tried our luck in a bamboo grove.
Actually, we were looking for Tamagotake, but it still seems a little bit too early for them. Instead, we found Lepista sordida, Komurasakishimeji in Japanese. A delicious mushroom with a similar taste like Lepista Nuda.
And here you see Dictyphora indusiata... called Kinugasatake in Japanese and Schleierdame in German, very rare in Germany, but here you can find them in almost every bamboo grove in the rain season... in China it's called Bamboo mushroom. 
And you better don't try those, if you want to stay healthy and alive... those are called Kibotake, or Entoloma murraii and they are poisenous !!!
Tomorrow we will probably try another place to look for Hatsutake and other mushrooms.

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