Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kanoudake fotos

Somehow my camera is working again and I can upload the pictures of our hiking tour ^_^
Here you see Yumi and Yuki playing at a waterfall. The hike we did here, was the best so far, because we walked along a beautiful creek and there was always a cool breeze from the water. It was not so steep either and we saw many butterflies and dragonflies on the way.
On the top is an acnient shrine Kanoujinja 叶神社, where we rested. Yuki was not feeling well, so she slept a little bit in the shrine and recovered.
...and here you see Fukuoka...
Afterwards, we went to a park, where the kids enjoyed waterplay, but my camera stopped working, so I could not take any pictures there :(  

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