Monday, July 12, 2010

Tamagotake... finally :D

On Sunday, we continued out search for Tamagotake (Amanita hemiphaba/Amanita Caesarea) and went to Aburayama. In Hokkaido we always found them under fir trees, but in Fukuoka, there are no fir-trees at all... this was the tricky part of it.
And here you see the poisenous Shiroonitake (Amanita Castanopsidis), translated Shiroonitake means "White devil mushroom" and yes, it's poisenous...
After searching and searching we asked some very nice people in the nature center and they told us, where we could find Tamagotake... so we tried our luck and YES, FINALLY, I we found one:
Beautiful, isn't it... ?!? On out way back, to Fukuoka, there were two more:
already hatched out of the egg...
...and this is what we had for dinner... a BIG crab... it costed less than 10 Euro, was fresh and totally Yummy !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sieht gut aus. ^^ alles. *grins*

    Brief ist im übrigen nun auf dem Weg. ^^

    Melle ^^

  2. Freu mich schon auf Post von Dir ^_^