Saturday, July 10, 2010

more shrooms

The girls have to learn for their final tests on Monday, so we could not do so much... but look what we found in the pine grove near our appartement: Boletus Castaneus (Hasen-Roehrling)...
and the very poisenous and deadly Tengutake (amanita Pantharina or Pantherpilz in German)... no Tamagotake so far, but since there are a lot mushrooms of the amanita family growing, it SHOULD grow soon, too.

Oh and here you see our little fungus experiment at our balcony *lol*
They literally popped up in just one morning and withered in the evening... Dictyophora indusiata or Kinugassatake... *lol*
maybe we will go for another shroom excursion tomorrow ^_^

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