Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rainseason, food and art

We had a lot of rain and it's hot and humid out there, but the beautiful side of this season are the gorgeous flowers everywhere...

Those just blossom near our appartement and I took a lot of photos as references for upcoming paintings.

Because of the rain, we could not do much, but we discovered a Izakaya, called "Shinchan" yesterday, where we had some great Sashimi and Carpaccio.
Today, the weather was a little bit better. We drove to the airport and submitted my painting to Makurazaki for the contest there. Due to the contest rules, I can not post the painting here yet, but I will tell you all about the upcoming show in the "Nanmeikan Museum" soon. I also was able to gather a lot of information about galleries and events here and I will check them out in the next months. I'm already excited !!!

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