Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hiking at Aburayama

This weekend we went for Aburayama, a mountian-hiking-resort with a lot of trails and picknick-areas at the foot of the mountain.

But if you climb upwards, there are only a few people and you can see many exotic flowers, plants and butterflies.

After one hour we reached the top. The hiking was quite exhausting, especially because it's already hot Summer here.

We took another route down and on this pic you probably get an idea how steep it is.

On our way down we arrived at another park, where we had some great milk-icecream
and could relax a little...

Yuki and Yumi still had a lot energy left and played on the huge playground there.

In the evening, I was so tired, so I just prepared some Tortillias for everybody...
Oh, and one more thing,

do you know a fruit called "Biwa"?
It's very popular in Japan and it's just ripe now... near our appartement you can pick them fresh from the tree and it tastes really wonderful.

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