Monday, February 22, 2010

Our weekend

On Saturday we had heavy snowfalls, so we could not do much outside the house... well, anyway we were still very busy preparing things for our moving... and we were also very tired. I really enjoyed to sleep longer that 6:30 a.m in the morning.
So after we got up and the kids made homework, we went for Miso-Ramen.
One of my fave Ramen-shop for Miso-Ramen is "Yashiro"
I've eaten famous Miso-Ramen in Sapporo, but I think Yashiro Miso-Ramen taste so much better !!!
And they are especially delicious, when the weather is cold.
In the evening, we decided to go to Hakodate Beer. They have their own brewery and great Hefeweizen, Koelsch, Altbier, Ale...
and strong dark German "Bockbier", which tastes wonderful, but it can also knock you off your feet. Anyway, I always drink one, because it's so good.
We always enjoy the live-music there, too.

On Sunday, we mostly relaxed and sorted out more stuff, which we have to throw away before we move.

In the evening, I prepared some Shishkebab and potatoe-gratin for us.
Now I need to go back to my diet >_<"

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