Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The art of Okonomiyaki

On Sunday my husband prepared Okonomiyaki for us. A lot of Western people think the common Japanese dish is Sushi and because of that, Japanese food is always cold, but that is not true at all. Okonomiyaki is one of the typical foods for the whole family and you can compare it best with Italian Pizza. People in Italy used "leftovers" like meat, vegetables, cheese, mushrooms... and put it on pizza for the whole famliy. That is basically the way, what Okonomiyaki is.
You add vegetables, meat or/and seafood, mushrooms, eggs to dough and fry/bake it in a frying pan, mostly directly prepared at the table, so that you can vary the taste from Okonomiyaki to Okonimiyaki a little. Okonimiyaki means "favorite fried food" so you can make your individual Okonomiyaki.

That is how it looks, when it's done...
and that is how it's served with sauce and spices on the plate.
Itadakimasu !!! ^_^


  1. Hello! Ogennki deshitaka?
    You always post delicious foods on your blog. Those pictures make me hungy.
    Please enjoy eating a lot of foods from Hokkaido before leaving there.

  2. Hi there, Mayumi ^___^ Great to hear from you again !!! Minna genki desu... demo hikoshi de chotto isogashii. Hokkaido ga mada samui desu. Takusan yuki ga arimasu. Kyo Hakodate fuyu-art mimasu. Tanoshimi...
    Thank you so much. I'm happy you like posts about food ;)
    When the kids were small, I could not paint, so my hobby became eating and cooking, too. I'm also looking forward to food in Kyushu. I want to eat Hakata-ramen, Mentaiko and markarel must be delicious there, too.

  3. Oh wow *__* looks really yummy
    I have to test this!

  4. ^^ please let me know if it worked and if you can get the flour and the sauce.