Sunday, January 31, 2010

Izakaya Koko

Yesterday we went to the "Izakaya Koko" here in Hakodate (yes, my dear friend Koko, that Izakaya really has the same name like you ^_^).
If some of you have the chance to come to Hakodate, I really recommend this Izakaya to you.

The quality of seafood is outstanding and the price is very reasonable.  
Yesterday we could not stay long, because Yuki caught a cold and still had headache, but we definetely want to visit there again.


  1. Looks delicious, better than I might expect from an establishment with the same name as me. ;)

    What is an Izakaya anyway? A specific type of Japanese restaurant?

  2. Yes, Izakaya is a special type of restaurant.
    I love Izakaya-dining, because you can order little dishes over several hours and just sit, talk and relax.