Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Singapore Day 2 Little India

Today, we decided to see little India... a part of Singapore, where a lot of Indian people live. The main attraction beside the various shops and market-places with exotic fruits and crafts is the Temple there.
Just as we entered a fantastic ceremony started. The people played traditional instruments and there was a lot of incense and flowers and chanting. We and especially the kids watched with awe.
Here, you see the mainaltar, with the 3 most important gods of Hinduism. I always found the idea to have a god for creating, a god for preserving and a god for destruction very fascinating. There are so many opinions and different kinds of views and truths in this world, I can never believe in a monotheistic religion or ideology. So I was always drawn to religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and Shintoism.
After the ceremony was over, we went back and to the hotel and decided to have Indian food (of course! ^_^). The food was very nice, but I had to convince the waiter, what I wanted to order. He was firm that we had to try all kinds of tourism food, while we wanted to try more of the little snacks. In the end I won and it was good that we did not order too much, because for the kids the spices and different taste was a little bit too much and they only ate a little.
This is Tandori fish with Fenugreek, I love Fenugreek (Bockshornklee in German) and the Tandori was really delicious.
And here you see minced Lamb-rolls with cheese and different spices. It is something, I want to cook as well someday... the spices in this restarant were very good and balanced. It was the best Indian food I ever had.
Here is the skyline-view from our Hotel-room at night again.

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