Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Singapore Day 1

After a very tired morning (we arrived at 3a.m Japanese time), we decided to explore Singapore for the very first time. This is the stunning view out of our hotel room.
at first, we walked through all those big shopping aves inside the buildings and malls. I'm not a big fan of fashion boutiques, perfume-shops and jewelery-stores, but I was very impressed by the glamour, size and futuristic designs of the insides and outsides of those buildings.
Above you see a building, which will be the biggest casino in the world someday. I wonder how it will look, when it's finished.
There you can see more of the skyline and also the famous merlion statue, which looks rather little compared to the big skyscapers.
We had our dinner at the famous "Jumbo" Seafood restaurant near Clarkes Square. The dinner was delicious, the service a little bit harsh, but probably I'm spoiled by the excellent Japanese service I use to have. Here you see dragon fruit-salad, wich was really a tasty appertizer and it gave me a lot of inspiration for my own dishes.
here are some chilli prawns, which were also very, very good and not so hot, so the kids could eat it, too.
Here is the main dish... a Singapore original food, called "Chilli crab". Very delicious, good sauce, it was a little bit difficult to eat, but I really recommend it to everybody, who comes here.
When we finished our meal, it was already dark and so we enjoyed the night-life atmosphere, which was really "magic" and very relaxing. I felt like in Spain and we took another walk over Clarke Square.
After so much walking and warm, pleasant air, we longed for a good beer and found the Paulaner brewery, where we had a good cold draft beer, before we went to sleep.


  1. Great pics! Looks like a fun place to visit.

  2. Thanks :)
    Yes, it is... this place really is amazing.

  3. Uiiii Paulaner :)

    Greetings from GErmany ^^ ... Germering :)
    Melanie J. ^^v

  4. Hi ^___^
    Bei der Hitze war das am Ende der beste Durstloescher... Heute Abend geht es zurueck nach Hakodate. Da ist es wieder -5C und Schnee... kann mir das noch gar nicht vorstellen.

  5. Na .. das kann ich mir vorstellen, dass du dir das noch nicht vorstellen kannst ^^

    aber ich war eher erstaunt, dass es das Paulaner ausgerechnet da gibt *grins*
    aber schön, dass ihr so viel Spaß dort habt... :)

  6. Da war ich auch erstaunt... das Paulaner Brauhaus gab es tatsaechlich genau neben unserem Hotel. Klar, dass wir dann nochmal abends hin sind. Klasse war vorallem, dass die da noch eine live-band hatten... man konnte ruhig dort sitzen und gemuetlich der Musik lauschen ^_^

    Einen Abend waren wir dann aber doch noch in einem Irish-Pub, der etwas weiter weg war, aber genau so schoen.
    Nun ist der Urlaub rum und ich bin total im Stress hier, da wir im Maerz nach Kyushu umziehen werden... ich erzaehl Dir dann mehr im naechsten Brief.