Friday, January 29, 2010

Still busy but fine

After a very eventful week, sorting out stuff, having a great meeting with the people from our Waldmeister-project, packing things and catching up with my e-mails and snail mail, I'm looking forward to the weekend. 

There is still so much snow outside, but in a few weeks we might find the first Fukinoto. Fukinoto is the first flower/vegetable of Spring. It's the flower of Japanese butterbur and people eat it fried or in miso-soup. It has a bitter, but pleasant taste. As soon as I pick some, I'll post how to cook it here.

I could not paint much in these days. I started some paintings, but I did not like them much. Well, probably because I'm a little restless at the moment, but that's o.k... The Hakodate Fuyu-art will start soon and I will take part with one painting (not with this one here, this one is a present for a friend).
 Anyway, we will go fishing tomorrow, if there is no wind. Already looking forward to it. If we are lucky we might catch some flounders or even Komai.

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