Monday, April 11, 2011

relaxing day

On Sunday we felt a little bit tired from our hikes, so we just bought some school stuff for Yumi and Yuki and did Hanami. Odo-park (小戸公園) is always crowded during Hanami time, so we decided to go to Iki-shrine instead. It's close to our home... maybe only 1km or so.

Here, the atmosphere was peaceful and quiet and we took a long walk in the pine-grove there.

When we came home, it was time to prepare dinner. Here you see Shiitake filled with minced meat and garlic-cheese (a recipe from my wonderful penpal Diana ^^).

And here you see morels on the fried minced meat. I also filled some and fried them.

and the full course on my plate ^^ Hope we can find more morels and fresh bamboo-sprouts next weekend.

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