Monday, April 4, 2011

Muu-chan, morels and cherry-blossom

First of all, let me apologize for not updating so long... I was busy with Spring-cleaning and we also got an adorable new family memeber. Our grey-parrot, named Muu-chan.

He is 5 months old and still needs me to feed him twice per day. He is such a sweet, calm and clever bird. He instantly allowed me to have him on my arm and 2 days later he let me pet him for the very first time. Actually, now he wants me to pet him non-stop ^^

Oh and that weekend, we also went to do some hanami, watch the magnolia, cherry blossoms. 

The bloom is still not full, but it feels great to enjoy the first Spring days.

One thing, which keeps us eager to hike and walk is not only the cherry-blossom, but also our annual morrel hunt. We spotted the very first ones this weekend and after checking some good spots, we had about 50 of them !!!

If you find one... there are mostly 5-6 arround... sometimes even more.

Here we tried something new... morels with bamboo-sprouts, olive oil and spring vegetabels *yummy* 

Oh and for everybody, whom I owe a letter or an e-mail, I'm working on it... so many things happened in March and the kids have Spring-break til tomorrow. I was very busy and exhausted, but I will try to answer everybody in April.


  1. Muu-chan ist ja super niedlich! ^___^

  2. ...danke ^^ und er ist TOTAL verschmust. Die Kinder mag er auch gern und "ruft" immer, wenn sie nach Hause kommen.