Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bamboo sprouts ^^

On Sunday, we drove to our favorite Bamboo-sprout spot. You can see, looking at the kids how HUGE the bamboo here is.

That's how bamboo-sprouts look like. You need to dig them out with a shovel and you have to be careful, because they break easily.

Later we took a detour to Raizan, where we always wanted to go and discovered a lovely, ancient shrine there. The trees are old and over 1000 years old.

A really beautiful place...

On our way back, we found some more morels ^^ and Taranome.

here is the "result" of our "hunting-tour"

I prepared olive-oil/garlic/peperoni pasta with the bamboo-sprouts, Taranome and morels. Looking forward to the next weekend ^_^

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