Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rain and fun...

Now rainseason is slowly starting over here, and the whole weekend was rain, rain, rain and dark. But I must admit it is not as worse as I imagined. The weather is warm and the air is very clean. Back in Germany, rainy weather means cold and catching flu and snuggling up in some blankets... *brr*
I really enjoy the smell of the air here, while it rains... very soft, very pleasant...
Well, and since we could not hike or go fishing, we decided to go to some Izakaya and have fun.
Here you see Squid-sashimi... I LOVED Squid-sashimi back in Hakodate and here it tastes as delicious !!! What a nice surprise.

And I can also recommend the Aji-sashimi here in Fukuoka... so tasty and fresh...

On Sunday, we got a "special delivery". My husband was in Hakodate last week and fortunatelly, he had some time left, to "visit" our old morel-hunting-grounds. Just in time to pick at least 70 of them together with some fresh-grown woodruff.

So I decided to cook "morille a la creme" with pasta. The recipe is very simple. You need some morels, smoked ham, sour-cream, cream and consome.
Fry the ham in some oil, add the morels, then the cream and consome and the sauce is ready.

YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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