Sunday, May 2, 2010

Golden week part-3 or never believe in the books

Today, we went hiking at Iwara-yama. The weather was perfect and we were curious, if we could reach the top.
The nature is as wild and beautiful as in Hokkaido and we instantly felt like back in Hakodate.
On our way up, we found a lot of plants, flowers and herbs, we also found in Hokkaido.
Here you see a poisenous flower/plant, called mamushisou (the latin name is Arisaema). It causes skinirritations, if you touch it. It grows EVERYWHERE there and I like the exotic look of it.
Here you see a "carpet" of Nirinsou (Anemone flaccida)...
...some Wasabi...
and climbing further, about 300m up, we suddenly found Gentian (gentiana Japonica) !!!
This was already a big surprise, but...
...the biggest one was THIS !!! Kurumabassou !!!! Woodruff !!!! Waldmeister !!!! YATTA !!!!
In the books they wrote over and over, there is NO woodruff in Kyushu, it stops growing after south of Gunma or something, so I was very sad, but also stubborn, I could not believe that there are so many plants in Kyushu, which also grow in Hokkaido, but no woodruff.
I carefully took some in my hands and let it wilt a little... and yes, suddenly it smelled like typical woodruff-aroma !!!
I was so happy, because now I can prepare woodruff icecream and Waldmeisterbowle for us !!!! So never believe the books, always see for yourself ^_^
Here, after 2 hours hiking and climbing we reached the top and had a great view over Itoshima.

and on our way back, we had the next surprise. We drove back and stopped a little to look for morels and suddenly we found Udo (aralia cordata). It tastes like between artichoque and asparagus.
so we picked some and drove home... will prepare some tonight, maybe with a good Waldmeisterbowle to celebrate this day !!!

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