Monday, August 24, 2009

Speaking at the cafe scientifique

Today I'm very busy preparing my appearance at the cafe scientifique at the Machizukuri-center in Hakodate on Tuesday (6-7p.m). I have never held such a "lecture" before, so I'm a little bit nervous, but also excited. My fantastic husband will help me and translate all I want to tell the people. My Japanese is still not so good, especially when it comes to such special subjects.

As I go through all the different topics I want to talk about, I realize how much I can tell there and I will also bring some books and other things to show the people a little bit about mushroom-lore, enviourment and differences in Japanese/European eating-culture.

I also visited the exhibition again yesterday and I was overwhelmed and how many people came and signed my guest-book. Thank you all sooooo much for your support and feedback !!! And the Brochure which was at my table there is wonderful !!! Whoever designed it, thank you soooo much !!! It was such a lovely surprise and I can't wait to show my Dad the exhibition, when he arrives on Friday.

Did not have much time to paint in the last days, but I want to share a photo, I took last week at Yokotsudake... the gentian ist out there now, too and we had a beautiful hike up there.

Hope to see you all at the cafe-scientifique on Tuesday 25.Aug :)

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