Saturday, August 1, 2009

gourmet weekend

on weekends I mostly not paint, because we are fishing or mushroom-picking, so my creativity is cooking something with what we find or fish ;-)
Yesterday we went to our favorite italian/french restaurant "Brasserie Carillon" and somehow I had the idea, if I cook king-crab (Tarabagani) pasta, it would fit with Tamagotake (amanita caesarea) best.
So we went to the forest and yes, there really were some Tamagotake left... YATTA !!!!!
We took them, bought Kani and I cooked VERY delicious pasta :-p
I also found out, that raw Tamagotake can be made like Carpaccio...
It was so much fun and we all ate too much, but we will try to pick some more tomorrow again.

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