Monday, July 8, 2013

Kurumabasso ice cream in Hakodate

Finally, after about 4 years the woodruff ice cream is available in Hakodate...
The story was, when I moved there, I found woodruff in the forest. In Germany, woodruff flavour is used for ice-cream, winecocktail (Maibowle) and other things.
Back then I used to make that winecocktail for our friends at the Miraidai Univesity and they loved it very much. The reason is, in Japan people use the same aroma, which is in woodruff (Cumarine) for Sakuramochi. The difference is. The Cumarine in Sakuramochi comes from fermented Cherry leaves. The process is quite complicated, but with woodruff, it only takes 5 minutes, if you let it wilt a little bit in your hands.
So back then we thought, why not introduce it to people in Hakodate?
My friend Prof. Noyuri Mima, from the Miraidaigakku and me got together and talked about this. I showed them what woodruff is, where it grows and how to make icecream, Cocktail, etc out of it.
Here is the whole story, but unfortunatelly in Japanese only...
That's how it started...
And thanks to the wonderful team of Mima-sensei and people of Hakodate, here is the finished product.
And I'm proud that it is out on the market.
Feeling a little bit like Carl Raymon now ^_^  

And lucky me, in Fukuoka grows woodruff, too ^_^

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