Sunday, June 16, 2013

Biwa and Ajisai

Rainseason took a little break this weekend. It was sunny, but not too hot and we could finally do something outdoors again. Yesterday we went to check our mushroom-spots, but no luck... so we went to one of our fave Ramen restaurants "Nagahama Shogun".


After eating Ramen, we went to one of the beaches in Iroha. It's an area in Saga county, which has one of the most beautiful sceneries, I have ever seen. I love the beaches there, the green islands and the emerald green see... there are many farms and vegetables and fish are so delicious there.

This little fellow lives on an island there together with a whole crab colony...

and here is a view over some of the islands. It is always difficult to take "the whole picture" of this adorable scenery... so I try to post little fragments of it.

And here is Ajisai... the typical flower of the rainseason in Japan.

That little trip really made my day today... :)

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