Monday, July 15, 2013

Yuzuri at Nanayama

Today was a public holiday here (umi no hi/ day of the sea) and since it was terribly hot (about 36C), we decided to drive to Nanayama (7 mountains), a mountain area with a lot of farms, rivers and nature.

The pics I post here are from 2010, because I forgot to take pictures this time...

But I want to show you the places we visited today and they haven't really changed at all.

But what has changed to our big surprise was a new restaurant, opened in June here, near the river, where the kids use to play.
It is called "Yuzuri" ゆずり (柚里) and the food there is excellent !!!
The cook uses fresh vegetables and fish from that area and also mixes Japanese and Western cuisin. The menue was really one of the best I ever ate and I want to go there again.

The Yuzuri is located in such a beautiful spot. We will visit there again :)
Oh and the whole menue was 1800 Yen, less than 15 Euros.


  1. Echt tolle Bilder und man bekommt wirklich Lust die Orte in echt zu sehen. ^^

    1. Danke :) Sollte es Dich mal nach Fukuoka verschlagen, bringen wir Dich hin :)