Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wind from Europe

Dear friends,
I can finally announce our group-exhibition in Makurazaki, called "Wind from Europe".
Different artists from Holland, Belgium and Germany will show their works in the Nanmeikan Museum of Makurazaki from Aug.20st-Sept. 19th.

I will come to the opening and hopefull also September 16&17.

Here is a the list of all the artists:
Please take a look at their websites to see their works:

Nagae Kinuko, Japan: http://kinuko.jp/
celebrating 20 years of her beautiful Hindeloopen-art

Els van Baarle, Holland: http://www.elsvanbaarle.com/
She is coming toward the end of exhibition.

Helene De Ridder, Belgium: http://www.helenebatik.be/

Jacques Coenye, Belgium: http://www.jacquescoenye.be/

Ria van Dijk, Holland: http://www.riavandijk.nl/

Erika Fiedler, Germany... a wonderful friend of mine,
who has already exhibited in Japan several times.
She will also have an exhibition of scarves in Makurazaki from Sept 13st- Sept 18st

 and Julia Takagi (me)

Here are my works, which will be displayed and also available during the show.
Looking forward to see you at the opening !!!

*** SOLD ***

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