Friday, August 19, 2011

Makurazaki / "Wind from Europe" Part-1

After a 6 hours drive, we reached beautiful Makurazaki and went for Katsuo-Ramen.
Katsuo is a special fish, famous in this area. It tastes a little bit like Tuna and Japaneses often use it dried as flavour for soups and other food. 

This is "Kagetsu" (香月) Ramen, the shop, where Katsuo-Ramen was invented. The Ramen were delicious and I can understand, why it became famous all over Japan.

Later, we met my wonderful friends Toshiko-san and Kinuko-san and had a first view on the exhibition.
The show is held in the Nanmeikan museum on mt. Katahira and I'm always impressed by the size and architecture of this building. 
Last year I visited the famous Trienale here and it's an incredible feeling that I can take part here in a show as well. Kinuko-san did a wonderful arrangement for all of the paintings. Each artist has the "perfect place" for his/her painting. It was a big joy to see the all of the works form Europe and Japan together. Tomorrow I will take part in the opening-ceremony and I'm already excited. Here are some photos I took today... enjoy!

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